NAFTA Has Not Been Good For The United States

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The US Chamber and the American Farm Bureau support NAFTA as it stands stating that it is good for manufacturing and for farmers even if Mexico and Canada do not want to waiver when it comes to trade deficits.

While it may be true that NAFTA does help some farmers and industries it has also drastically devastated many industries and communities. Since 1998, more than one million jobs have been lost to NAFTA.

Renegotiation of NAFTA is happening, to help at the very least eliminate the trade deficits that exist with Canada and Mexico, but both countries representatives refuse to waiver on this issue.

It is a great trade deal for those two countries who reap the benefits of the US market, without having to import as many American Made products as we import products from their respective countries. Netting a loss for the United States.

I could suggest that they pay in cash to the deficit to the United States if they don’t want to make a balanced trade agreement, but I suppose they wouldn’t want to do that either.

It’s time to play fair with trade and boost the US economy as much as we have helped boost the economies of Canada and Mexico or return to the tariff system.

Jim Palmer

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Jim is the marketing director and media spokesperson who is passionate about US Manufacturing. He has more than 20 years with marketing advertising , SEO and more.
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