Over the next decade more than 3 million manufacturing jobs will be available in the USA, do you have the skills these employers are looking for? Learn about the training and degrees in demand by manufacturers & the trade industry. Get information about scholarships, apprenticeships, job openings, financing, schools & more.


Our members are manufacturers who are dedicated to keeping manufacturing in the USA. Businesses who want to invest in America. Universities and trade schools training the next generation for manufacturing jobs. Retailers committed to offering American made products to consumers and  Americans who know we must manufacture to keep our country strong.


For us the Buy American Movement is not just a catchy slogan or fad. We have been working since 1998 to promote buying American Made and believe the USA needs to produce goods not just consume products made overseas. If you are a manufacturer, educational institution, retailer or just want to support our mission, we invite you to join us. Together we can keep American manufacturing growing and Americans working.

Buy American Create Jobs

Creating jobs around the USA since 1998

Investing in America

Hundreds of manufacturers have started to realize the benefits in bringing jobs back to America. They are reinvesting in America and reinvesting in the American workforce. In part responding to the consumers demand for higher quality and safer products for themselves and their families. We commend these companies for bringing manufacturing back to the US and our goal is to continue to promote and encourage more companies to follow suit in 2018 and beyond.

Helping the Next Generation Succeed

US Manufacturing continues to evolve and change from its inception in the 1820’s. Today manufacturing is more than assembly line work. It is a combination of innovation, technology and people that will help bring manufacturing back to the United States and bring jobs back home. Prospective applicants need to know the skills that will translate into a career.

Working Together

The Buy American Movement is not about about which side of the political aisle you lean to. It is about Americans working together to help each other. It is about our family, friends and neighbors. It is about reading labels and choosing to buy American when possible. It is about letting our politicians know that we want trade deals that support Buy American policies and it is about creating jobs for future generations. Because a country that does not make anything has nothing to offer.