About The Buy American Movement
As Pioneering leaders in the Buy American Movement, we began our journey in 1998 and set out to do all we could to help create jobs for Americans by promoting American Manufacturing and American made products. We launched this web site in 2013 to further our mission and in 2018, we modified the web site to become a resource center for manufacturers, retailers, entrepreneurs and students who want to get involved in any aspect of US manufacturing.

We are passionate about what we do and our logo represents just that. The heart symbolizes many things including the love for the people we are helping and the love we have helping our nation.

We believe that buying American is an issue that most Americans can unite on regardless of their political backgrounds. The net effect of our efforts creates jobs for Americans, improves our manufacturing and trades and boosts our economy.

We are located in Missouri in the heart of the United States and we strive to help our nation to once again become the world leader in manufacturing.
We are non-partisan and we do what we do despite what is happening in Washington, DC and local and state level politics. We encourage Americans to Buy American whenever they can. Our mission is to not only encourage the support American Manufacturing, but to help educate those interested in manufacturing, the trades and entrepreneurship and have the resources all in one place from financing to setting up and operating a business.