Financing Your Business

Whether you are just starting our in business or you are looking to expand what you are currently doing, it is imperative to have capital in place to acquire land, purchase equipment, research and development, manage payroll, marketing and the myriad of other expenses you will need to take control of while operating all facets of your business.

As a new business, it is not easy to obtain financing but the task can be made easier by planning ahead and having a solid business plan in place. The Small Business Administration can help you get the loans you need to start or continue operations, but make sure you have Your Balance sheet, your executive summary, a clear outline of what you will be using the funds for and your financial objectives.

You should also know, that many states and cities offer incentives and have programs for non profits, minority business, veterans, agricultural and more. Be sure to look at those programs too.

Grants for business – You will rarely find government grants for business unless it is for research and development or your business is a non profit. You can learn the truth about grants at the small business administration. That being said some cities and states do offer grants fro businesses so be sure to seek out those options too.

Below are several sources for you to help get financing for business:

Financing by states

Your business can benefit from financing via your state as well as the federal government.  You can find additional information here such as tax incentives to move your business to another state, state contracts, exporting and more, Visit USA.Gov for more details.

We have also listed sources below for individual states