Working Together to Strengthen US Manufacturing

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The Buy American Movement is not about about which side of the political aisle you lean to. It is about Americans working together to help each other. It is about our family, friends and neighbors. It is about reading labels and choosing to buy American when possible. It is about letting our politicians know that we want trade deals that support Buy American policies and it is about creating jobs for future generations. Because a country that does not make anything has nothing to offer.

According to a Rasmussen Reports survey “83% Say It’s Important to Buy American.” They :strongly believe in buying” products made in the USA and most don’t think the government protects domestic businesses enough.”

Consumer demand is just one part of the equation. We also need help from Congress to make US manufacturing attractive to businesses. This includes preventing trade agreements that give foreign owned businesses an unfair advantage over American owned businesses. There are organizations such as the Coalition for a Prosperous America that are working toward getting politicians to create new trade policies that will deliver prosperity and security to America. Lastly we need help from trade schools and universities to offer programs that give students the skills that are in demand in the US manufacturing industry.

If we all work together we can bring more manufacturing back to our shores and in turn keep Americans working.


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Writer, cat lover and passionate supporter of buying American made and American manufacturing. Looking forward to seeing more products on store shelves that are Made in the USA.
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