Investing in America by Bringing Manufacturing Back Home

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Hundreds of manufacturers have started to realize the benefits of bringing jobs back to the United States. They are reinvesting in America and reinvesting in the American workforce. In part responding to the consumers demand for higher quality and safer products for themselves and their families. We commend these companies for bringing manufacturing back to the US and our goal is to continue to promote and encourage more companies to follow suit in 2018 and beyond.

The cost of labor from China has become more expensive and wages for manufacturing jobs has tripled between 2005 and 2016. Many companies who once saw offshoring as a cost saving measure are now rethinking this as they factor in not only increasing wages but also other costs such as shipping and the cost to audit production.

Issues with Intellectual property theft, finished products that look nothing like samples given, poor quality and the inability to get production problems corrected are additional reasons why reshoring is becoming more attractive to “small and midsize companies.”

Companies want the assurance that manufacturing in the US brings and this includes “stricter quality and safety standards” that are already in place. Not to mention “lower costs, easier communication with suppliers, closer proximity to actual work sites and allowing for better oversight and quicker fixes as needed.”

Currently the “automotive industry has brought the most jobs back to the US, followed by makers of electronic components and appliances.”

And while there are concerns that robotics and automation will replace more workers in the future for now robots are “actually helping bring more jobs back from overseas than they’re eliminating.”

Although the manufacturing landscape is changing and automation may change the face of American manufacturing it does not mean that the human component will be rendered obsolete. There will still be job opportunities in the American manufacturing industry. The key is learning about the industry you want to work in and getting the skills and training necessary to keep yourself in demand and relevant.

Our ability to innovate and adapt is what will keep our country strong, keep Americans working and encourage more companies to invest in America.




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