We Need More American Manufacturing

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Why do we need more American Manufacturing?

Some experts will say, we are better off as a consumer nation, buying what we need at cheap prices that are made in other countries, so in the long run we all have more money to spend and can afford to buy even more things.

On the surface this sounds like a great idea, but I highly doubt the experts take into consideration the fact that there is a huge cost to being only a ...

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The Power to Rebuild American Manufacturing

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For decades, Americans have seen the decline of manufacturing in the USA as a result of bad trade deals and offshoring. Discount stores imported Products Made in China by shiploads.

Manufacturing plants around the country closed their doors for good. We the consumers enjoyed the low cost prices of those cheaply made imports until we realized that they didn’t last quite as long or they didn’t work as well as the former made in USA products did.

Then over and over again, ...

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