According to a Consumer Reports survey almost 8 out of 10 American consumers would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one. Price is a big consideration for many consumers when it comes to buying American made and “more than 60 percent say they would be willing to pay 10 percent more” for a product that is Made in America as opposed to the same product that is imported.

The American consumer is looking to buy Made in the USA for a variety of reasons such as quality, safety and patriotism. Most Americans believe in the quality of American made products and prefer purchasing an item that they know had to adhere to certain safety standards as opposed to many foreign products imported from China, Mexico, India, etc that are unregulated. Most agree that buying Made in America supports our economy and our workforce by keeping Americans working and helping to keep American manufacturing in the USA.

Buying American Made can be tricky because many companies are looking to cash in on the increased demand for Made in the USA and are using unscrupulous methods to get you to buy their product. Just looking for the American flag on the label or a patriotic sounding company name on the packaging does not mean the product is Made in the USA.

There are many “foreign-made products whose makers have patriotic names such as American Mills or Great American Seafood or whose packages have slogans such as true American quality or symbols that imply Made in America such as a picture of the US Flag on the package. Unfortunately these tactics are legal as long as “they leave a clear impression about where they’re made.” companies that will use the flag on the label of their product or use the word America or USA as part of their brand identity in order to fool the consumer into thinking that they are purchasing a product that is Made in the USA by an American owned company. When shopping consumers need to check the label to see the actual country of origin which will tell them where the item was really made.

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